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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Anak-anak saya ... Jakun, Jah Hut, Semai, Temuan

Assalamualaikum warahmatuLLAH wabarakatuh :)

Ye mereka ini anak-anak saya ... 
yang menyumbang kepada kajian saya ... dalam susah dan cabaran ... pendidikan tetap diteruskan ... dengan cemerlang!

Last year they went to the UK for their Masters in various fields ... 
Marine Science (Semai Daughter), Education (Jakun Daughter and Temuan Son), Islamic Finance (Semai Daughter).

AlhamduLillah ... 
They completed their respective Masters and have returned this last November.

Bachelor in Estate Management is still in-progress in the UK (Temuan Son)


meanwhile ...
I have been meeting more  around the country ...
among them ...

Abang dan Adik ... Cameron Highlands ... Abang is a School Prefect 

and still others ... 
in programmes at various IPTAs ... let me list a few ...

Microbiology UKM (Jah Hut Daughter)
 Quantity Surveying UM (Jakun Son)
Malay Linguistics UM (Jakun Daughter)
Education IPG (Jah Hut Son)
History UM (Jah Hut Daughter)
Estate Management UiTM (Jah Hut Sons)
Retail Management UiTM (Semai Daughter)

AlhamduLillah ...

For these indigenous daughters and sons ...

The Jakuns ... 
Jah Huts ... Semais ... Temuan

... who are quietly ... but surely moving forward!


a beautiful moment ... in Cameron Highlands

"See you tomorrow"
 a semai child called out to me as she closed the door ... 'malu' as usual to show herself ... 
but a voice so strong that I knew her shyness was just a defense ...

Siapa kata Bahasa Inggeris anak-anak kita semakin merudum?



  1. Assalamualaikum REAL,
    Kenapalah senang sangat nak nangis ni.. sapa la yang kopek bawang tepi mata kita ni??

    Can't say much.. but I'm pretty envy with their achievement. With all the obstacles in life.. yet they manage to outshine. Semoga Allah terus menjaga & menlindungi anak-anak ini.

    Cik Sham nangis lagi.

    1. Wa'alaikumussalam warahmatuLLAH wabarakatuh ... Sham yang dikasihi ... terima kasih ziarahnya ... :) ... sesekali saya jenguk rumah ada tetamu rupanya ... AlhamduLillah syukur kasih sayang kerana Allah SWT.

      Sham jangan sedih ... when I met them anak-anak itu were full of life and joy despite what we felt the harsh conditions of life. I love them. More to the point I respect them. I see myself in them during those early years when life was 'real life' ... learning the art of surviving.

      The real sadness is when we have not understood these children ... and the communities ... lack of respect for them that made them resist ... but they are moving forward ... and days are already here when sons and daughters of the mainstream generation are reporting to them ... Allahu Akbar. Love and respect Lillahi Ta'ala ...

      On the personal academic side ... on-going data analysis AlhamduLillah ... so kena diam-diam sikit :p ...

      Sham doakan ye. Much love and affection for a wonderful sister that cares :)

  2. I admire your work because I am involved with a large number of orphans. Like your children, these children need more than just someone to teach them.

    Bolehkah beri saya email puan untuk saya menghubungi. Banyak yang saya ingin bertanya. Alamat saya almanar@pd.jaring.my . Besar dsekali harapan saya.

    1. Assalamu'alaikum warahmatuLLAH,

      Terima kasih banyak kerana memahami ... minta maaf sangat kerana lama tidak ke rumah maya yang satu ini ... taking a break to work on the thesis and papers for forthcoming conferences. I will insyaAllah email you separately ... mudahan juga ada kebaikannya ... thank you very much.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hai Real,

    Lama tak nampak. Apa khabar di sana?

    X MP

  5. Hai Real,

    Lama tak nampak. Apa khabar di sana?

    X MP

  6. Thank you MP for dropping in. One year and hopefully a few moons more I hope to come back and update this web journal Inshaa Allah. Siaran banyak tergendala :)
    Hajjah @ rlim


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