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Source: Glaser, B. G. (2006) The roots of grounded theory. The Grounded Theory Review, 5(2/3), 1-10.

Monday, 2 May 2011


Yes ... Not the ones that you are born with... But the ones that you acquired along the life's complicated and winding journey. Recently I noticed that these beloved sisters of mine (a British, a Singaporean and a Sarawak-Bruneian)  have R as their initials. And my mum and dad tooo...! Of course mother was never known by her birth name. She has her special name ... S. My other beloved sister in Dimondale* has S for an initial too.

My British Sister R I met in Walsal. But the beginning was in Brunei where both Singapore Sister R and I were working with the Government Educational concerns.

I wanted very much to get that Masters. What to do? I talked about it with Singapore Sister R who completed her Masters in IT in the UK using her own fund. How did you do it? How much do you need? So many questions ... and her answers and guidance gave me the courage to send in the notice for resignation. Ten years on the job and I had enough to tide me over the 1 year program and extra for the family, alhamduLILLAH.

She said you'll need about 10,000 sterling pounds for tuition and another 5,000 for food and lodging. She was good at managing her budget, she said that was more than enough. Me ...? Many things happened in the process and of course the budget got extended ... despite enrolling in a less expensive university environment.

That was slightly over ten years ago. 1997 to be precise. It will be much much more now I am sure. But the point is ... you can do it if you plan for it.

1997 was a bad year for Malaysia and the whole world ... time was tough for everyone who are not employed that is. I didn't realise it then ... never was good at national and economic affairs ...being overseas did that to you ...

At the airport as I was saying goodbyes to the family ... the airport officer who was watching and listening to us said with a smile... How is it in this bad times you are taking our money out of the country ...

Honestly I did not comprehend the seriousness of the situation until in the University when a Prof S... came to me at the Computer Room with a concerned look on his face. M.... he said. Are you okay? A lot of Malaysian students are going back. They can't afford to stay. If you have any problem whatsoever and need help please tell me, he said. Grateful for his concern, I assured him that I was prepared for this, financially AlhamduLILLAH... despite our currency sliding terribly against the British pound.

Overdue nevertheless, Dearest Sister, thank you for giving me the courage to pursue and realize my dream ...and another dream coming on ... hmm ... that PhD ... insyaALLAH. Definitely I believe that dreams are made in our minds and supported by great sisters, many things can happen InsyaALLAH ...

Love and salam ...:-)

*Dimondale of East Lansing, Michigan.

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