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... when circulating a working paper for comments, never put on "citations only permitted with the permission of author"

or "no parts of this paper can be used without permission of author". Rather, say "when using parts of this paper please give proper citation and help yourself". Be delighted if someone wants to quote you ... (p.7)

Source: Glaser, B. G. (2006) The roots of grounded theory. The Grounded Theory Review, 5(2/3), 1-10.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Colours of borrowed life

Nourished by abe zam zam

Peace, sacrifice and love


(: Eid al-Adha Mubarak :)

*Abe zam zam (Urdu)- zam zam water
*Pronounciation - Abe: A as in arm; be as in bear. Like abang in Kelantanese Loghat. 


  1. The story of Prophet Ibrahim AS, Prophet Ismail AS and his beloved Mother Saiyidatina Hajar ... the sacrifice that they made for peace ... Prophet Ibrahim AS left Mother and Son in the barren dessert ... the sacrifice that Saiyidatina Hajar made for her love and peace ... and the love that ALLAH SWT bestowed upon all of them for that sacrifice ... Allah SWT Most Wise Most Knowing...

  2. Assalamualaikum Tuan Rumah,
    Ibu Sham berbalas kunjung..
    Eid Mubarak..

    1. Wa'alaikumussalam warah matuLLAH wabarakatuh ...:)

      Ahlan wa sahlan thank you for visiting ...

      ...blog sambil sambilan, brain walking di alam maya ...:) kadang-kadang terbabas ... :) tu tersinggah rumah Sham tu ... :) Actually i was drawn to the entry about your uncle's passing (from someone's blog)... innaLILLAHiwainnailaihirajiun ...Semoga Allah SWT tempatkan rohnya bersama ahli syurga ... ameen ...

      ... Eid Mubarak dear Sham ...


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