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Source: Glaser, B. G. (2006) The roots of grounded theory. The Grounded Theory Review, 5(2/3), 1-10.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Praxis ... Reflection, Action ... and Hope ...

dear friends ...

Paulo Freire defines praxis in Pedagogy of the Oppressed as "reflection and action upon
 the world in order to transform it." Through praxis, oppressed people can acquire a critical awareness of their own condition, and, with their allies, struggle for liberation.

which brings him to the next level ...

Pedagogy of Hope

... i learned something from Freire today ... 

... it is on the dedication page of his Pedagogy of Hope ... let me copy it for you ...

For Ana Maria, Nita,
who gave me back a taste for life:
when life seemed so long to me,
so nearly hopeless ...
I looked at her!

... it sounds romantic ... but it is not so ... it is about having something, someone, a point of reference in which  hope resides ...

for this gentleman ... that hope resides in this later wife when an earlier beloved wife died ...


Freire is known for his educational thoughts, propositions and practice ... but if we read his book - Pedagogy of Hope ... we will realize ... that events and circumstances shaped his work ... it is not about his qualifications in academics ... rather his qualifications in real life ... 
academic qualification is just the icing ...


Love and Salam ... with hope for a better everything for everyone :)



  1. salam Real,
    well said :)

    like i mentioned in my post, the best education doesn't necessarily come from the best school but things that happened in our life..our life experiences shaped us into what we are now.

  2. wa'alaikumussalam wbt dear blu ... yes ... our life experiences shaped us into what we are ... and academics help put them in context ... meaning making and meaning sharing ...

    love and salam ... :)

  3. adoi laling.. kaktek budak engine.
    ayat2 ateh tu high end sangat bagi ku... hehe..
    live life to your fullest and whatever happen tomorrow is meant to be.

    ceh... nak gak skiping ngan cikgi omputeh ni... heh.

  4. Assalamulaikum dear KakTek,

    mmm ... actually i am simplifying it for myself he he ... and at the same time i love sharing things and thoughts that make sense to me ... :)


Thank you for sharing your thoughts ...

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