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Source: Glaser, B. G. (2006) The roots of grounded theory. The Grounded Theory Review, 5(2/3), 1-10.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Teachable moments ...

Children Playing in Rain (Photograph by Jashim Salam, 2010) 

 Image Source: http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/children-play-rain-bangladesh/

i like this ...  

teachable moments ...

in real life ... for all ages ...

... but listed below are teachable moments for the early years ... 

for more, please check out the website at the end of the text ...


In the kitchen:
  • Show how you separate fruits and vegetables, talk about it, and let your child help.
  • Take out the pots and pans and a wooden spoon and let them hear the different sounds of percussion instruments.
  • Let your child help prepare a meal; they can do simple tasks such as take things out of the cabinets or pour stuff into a bowl. And when they help cook, they’ll probably eat the food.
  • Alphabet magnets on your refrigerator can be used for to talk about things that start with a particular letter; for example, foods that start with the letter “G.”
  • The kitchen sink offers an opportunity to talk about how you clean the dishes, talk about drying the dishes, soap, and differences in water temperature.
  • Let your child put spoons in the drawer when cleaning the dishes.
  • Talk about what you are looking for and have your child participate in looking with you.
  • Look for shapes, colors, types of objects, and specific foods.
  • Have your child hand money to the cashier; they’ll begin to understand money and they’ll love paying for things.
In the car:
  • Look for shapes, colors, types of objects, and signs out the window.
  • Play “I spy,” where one person sees something and people have to guess what it is by asking “yes or no” questions; e.g. Is it alive? Is it blue?
  • Sing songs and nursery rhymes.
  • Talk about your day.
  • Play the alphabet game where everyone in the car calls out letters of the alphabet in order as they see them on signs and license plates.
  • Discuss what a red light, yellow light and green light mean.
  • Talk about safety and using your seat belt.
  • When you put money in the meter, stop at the stop sign and obey traffic rules, talk about and let them be part of it so they learn about good citizenship.
At meals:
  • Talk about the day’s events.
  • Share stories.
  • Teach manners: saying please and thank you, wiping their mouth, chewing with their mouth closed.
  • Explore new textures, colors and tastes. Talk about the food and how it feels, looks and tastes.
Doing laundry:
  • Have your child help you sort colors, sort like items, match socks.
  • Play with the basket in the laundry room for younger ones – hide and seek or take a ride.
At bedtime:
  • Read books together. This is really important!
  • Share stories about your day or make up stories together.
  • Brush your teeth with your child so they learn good habits.
  • ... add our own bedtime routine ...
Text Source: http://www.eyi.org/help-kids-learn/parents/104.html


  1. Real:

    Sok MP ada anak, MP akan guna pakai. Setara waktu nih, I will do it with my grandkid. :-)

    Thank U.

    1. InsyaAllah MP yours will be coming as soon as you accept that tulang rusuk ... :)


  2. salam Real,

    masa my kids masih toddler selalu main tekak shape awan.. bila dah besar sket.. they all hook with games on smart phone.. nak pandang luar kereta pun dah tak minat... selalu i tegur my kids..rugi kalau diorang tak tengok apa yang ada dekat keliling..nanti orang tanya pernah pegi sini..jawab pernah...pernah pegi sana..jawap pernah.. tapi kalau orang tanya apa ada dekat situ.. jawap tak tau sebabnya dok main game sampai tak sedar apa yang berlaku disekiling...rugi kan..

    1. Alaikumussalam wbt blu,

      yes i noticed this during eid at our parents' home ... all the kids were logged onto their parents' laptops and smartphones ... they can't talk let alone communicate with each other properly and nicely ...

      oh i missed stupid times of the old ... secret diaries ... pen pals ... talking to nenek and datuk jiran sebelah rumah ... all of which polished up our adab and how to communicate respectfully ...

  3. omputih lama dah buat routine ni. depa dibesarkan cara begini.. makpak dgn anak sgt talkative. ni bukan org melayu punya custom.. sikit2 suruh anak diam. kaktek lama perati org sini masih payah nak adapt cara begini sebb tak dibiasakan dr kecik.

    1. hmmm it is not difficult i think to make a routine out of learning ...

      we just need a mental learning framework ... meaning having questions with a purpose ... learning purpose ... but in fun real situations ...

      we can definitely learn how to do that ...



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