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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ini kata mereka ...

... apa pula kata kita ... more here ...

Malaysian workers lack performance culture, say experts


According to them ...

A check by The Star with several human resource
 practitioners revealed that Malaysian workers in general only spend four hours in a regular nine-to-five work period being productive.
Another two hours are spent on social networking sites
 or browsing through the Internet, 
 long lunches, cigarette breaks, tea breaks and office chatter make up for the other two hours.


hmmm ... betul ke ... ? "experts" yang cakap ni ...

a research issue for those who are still searching for a research problem ... :)




  1. Assalamualaikum REAL,

    Tak berani nak komen banyak, nanti ada yang sentap.
    Tapi memadailah kata, culture bekerja di Malaysia dan di sini.. memang tidak sama.

    I'm backkkkkkk..
    Rindu kat REAL jugak.

  2. suruh expert tu survey cara kerja local american pulak... 2x5 lah. yg kuat kerja tu org yg kerja cara kontrak, passion with their work, ada udang sebalik mee ketam... yg lain nan hado je keje tak kira apa bangsa.

    1. Assalamualaikum Kaktek, just like Eliza's i found one of yours in Spam ... again i am not sure why ... so lesson learned is i ve to check this spam regularly :)

      Thanks kaktek for coming by ... much appreciated.

      and about the expert's survey ... semua boleh je ngaku ... but as you say sama je ...


  3. Waalaikumussalam wbt Sham ... pergi lepas rindu dulu ... hehehe ...

    Dah masuk rumah Sham dah ... AlhamduLillah pintu dah buka semula ... syukur Sham sihat dan dah boleh terima tetamu ...:)

    About culture kerja tu ... i was just thinking ... kita selalu je baca news report ... expert kata itu lah ... kata ini lah ... so i was thinking ... betul ke?

    Kalau dalam research kita kata ... Valid ke, Reliable ke apa yang dilaporkan ... :)

    Tu yang suggest ... this is a very good Research Issue untuk human resource management ... kalau macam Sham, boleh buat comparative study tu ...:)

    Love and salam :)

    1. tengok gulai peria atas meja ... dah kelior pula ... but tak ada orang tak berani jamah ... hehe


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