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Source: Glaser, B. G. (2006) The roots of grounded theory. The Grounded Theory Review, 5(2/3), 1-10.

Friday, 18 October 2013

ICT ... and its pain

Assalamualaikum wbt ...

AlhamduLillah syukur ... for time ...
for ... demi masa verily we are in loss except for  ... yang nasihat menasihati kepada kebenaran ... dan yang nasihat menasihati kepada kesabaran ...

and AlhamduLillah ...
today's news gives me hope that we are getting better at forwarding our concerns and thoughts ... built point by point with clarifications ...

let me share the many a teacher's pain ...


bila baca tadi tu ... 
terus teringat HRMIS which was also developed for use with IE ... i wonder how is it now ...



  1. salam sis,
    kes macam ni bukan satu dua..dah banyak..
    when the decision is made by non technical ppl without membawa masuk orang technical dalam perbincangan some orang technical tak tau pun tetiba system dah dibeli..
    bila terjadi masalah..macam kes ni.. yang buat decision lepas tangan..
    orang technical disalahkan.. and skim F ni lah yang akan ditolak untuk menjawab semua permasalahan..huk..huk..huk.. itu adalah dilema kawan-kawan seperjuangan saya...

    1. Waalaikumussalam wbt dear sis,

      "Decision making in EG systems development - A Malaysian Case Study" ... how's that for a research title ... :)

    2. please take it up ... or pass it on ... one master on the way ... i look forward to its findings :)

  2. i'm looking into another problem.. which can lead to system development disaster.. system requirement.. selalu dapat requirement dari users.. hasrat hatinya A tapi diluahkan B..dapat lerr system based on B requirement then users tak puas hati sebab dia nak A..maka asyik lah suruh tukar itu dan ini.. at the end of the day..system yang baru siap develop dah macam labu dibaiki tikus.. lompong sana sini..tampal sana sini..
    gimme one suitable title.. nak try apply for next year scholarship..kot ada rezeki..

    1. User requirement is part of the decision making process ... we decide what to build based upon what the users want it to do ... plus of course various other considerations ... users have a broad idea of what the system should do ... but most of the time the process analyst and systems developer have to dig in ... in bits and pieces in order to thoroughly understand their requirements ... :)

      How we dig in makes a lot of difference ... that could be your proposal focus ... this sounds better following a qualitative research approach ... yes ... i know technical guys tak berapa fond of qualitative study ... but i found it liberating despite my technical background ... especially when it has to do with people ... :)

    2. love ya sis real..
      nampak gaya..jalan yang malap dah ada sinar...bolehlah I start brainstorming on my proposal..


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