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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Palestine ... Judaism ... Zionism ... and The Wall

 اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَى آلِ مُحَمَّدٍ
Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

Alhamdulillah syukur ... AlhamduLillah syukur for nikmat iman dan aman ... mudahan semua sihat dan dalam rahmat Allah SWT sentiasa Ameen Ya Rabb ...


the ziarah to Baitul Maqdis opened up a floodgate of the Palestine history both recent and ancient ... and my trying to make sense of them ...

for today let me share this ...

an extract ...

Rabbi Ahron Cohen, rabbi Manchester, England
My Friends, we are here today to protest against the terrible wrongs which have been perpetrated and continue to be perpetrated against the Palestinian People by the Zionist illegitimate regime (known as Israel) in Palestine. My colleagues and I here today come under the banner of Neturei Karta which is the name of the opposition philosophy to Zionism held by Orthodox Jews.
You may well ask: how come we Jews are here protesting in support of Palestinians - who many would think of as enemies of the Jews? The answer, my friends, is that the Palestinian dispute is with the Zionists and not with the Jews. Zionism and Judaism are two completely different and opposing ideas. Orthodox Jews sympathise entirely with the Palestinian cause. Jewish Orthodox teaching is totally opposed to Zionism on grounds of religious belief and on grounds of Jewish religious values of humanitarianism.
Our belief, going back thousands of years, teaches us that the Jewish People are and have been for the last two thousand years or so in a state of exile decreed by the A-lmighty because they did not maintain certain high standards expected of them. We have been dispersed around the world and our duty is to live as loyal subjects of which ever country we are in. Furthermore, we are forbidden to attempt to form our own regime in Palestine. And we are warned of dire consequences if we attempt to override this prohibition. To do so is considered a rebellion against the A-lmighty. So, on grounds of religious belief we have no right today to form a regime in Palestine.
The Zionist philosophy, formed about 100 years ago by irreligious non-believers, is that the Jewish People have to fight their own way out of exile. They do not accept in any way the religious prohibition of this action and their approach to the matter of exile is diametrically opposite to the religious passive approach.
But perhaps what is more understandable to the non-Jewish world in the opposition of Judaism to Zionism is the fact that the Zionist ideology was to take over a country with an existing indigenous population and to form a sectarian State irrespective of the consequences to that indigenous people, depriving them of their homes and country. This was a shocking contravention of humanitarian justice. Humanitarian justice is also a tremendously important element in Jewish Religious values. The Zionists have thrown this completely overboard in their nationalistic quest for a State of their own. On these grounds too Orthodox Judaism opposes them entirely.
Because of the above the whole idea of a Zionist State is a flawed concept and is the underlying cause of the strife in the Middle East. As Jews, we are ashamed of our brethren who have followed the Zionist path and we wish to state that Zionists do not in any way represent the Jewish People as they would like to have the world believe. (Approximate Transcript of speech given in Trafalgar Square, London, in connection with the Al Quds demonstration march in support of the Palestinian cause, October 30, 2005)
It constantly amazes me when I observe the protestation of nations such as the USA and the UK that they must protect and preserve the rights of the „democratic State‟ Israel against threats to its existence, when the whole concept of Israel was and is patently non-democratic, and when by a short look back in history it can be seen that the whole Zionist State was begat by the very violence (and the UK was a victim of this violence) against which these countries now protest…
My friends, of course no one but no one wants violence. But I have a dream which may now seem unrealistic (but who knows): if those who have the power to deliver were to announce sincerely, “We are prepared to abandon the sacred cow concept of a sectarian Zionist State and to discuss its dissolution in its present concept and form,” you would have peace in Palestine. Jews and Arabs are perfectly capable of living peacefully with each other, as they have done for centuries, if the cause of their conflict is removed. It is obvious to any objective observer that the cause of conflict in Palestine is the very existence of the flawed and criminal concept of the Zionist State. Peace will not be achieved until that concept is dismantled. The governments of the world could bring this about and our prayer is that this should happen peacefully and speedily. (Talk at the Houses of Parliament, January 31, 2006)
But we do have a problem and that is that the Zionists have made themselves to appear as the representatives and spokespeople of all Jews and, with their actions, arouse animosity against all Jews. Then those who harbour this animosity are accused of anti-Semitism. So although it is abundantly clear that opposition to Zionism and its crimes does not imply hatred of Jews or anti-Semitism, however the wrongs of Zionism are a cause of anti-Zionism overflowing into old fashioned anti-Semitism; and, paradoxically, Zionism itself and its deeds, instead of being a remedy for anti-Semitism, are in fact the biggest cause of anti-Semitism. Furthermore Zionism actually feeds on anti-Semitism. (Talk to the Cambridge Students‟ Union, February 6, 2006)

Jews against Zionism


 among the results of Zionism ...

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  1. alhamdulilah…Allah bg peluang u melihat sendiri bumi palestine. nanti cerita la lg ye. btw i read before abt this judaism & zionism….mmg tak semua jew tu jahat & sependapat dgn zionist. tq for the info

    1. AlhamduLillah syukur ... benarlah itu Ros ... syukur sangat ... dan insyaAllah saya cuba tidak melupakan mereka yang berpesan ... walau sedikit demi sedikit akan saya update juga insyaAllah. Terima kasih Ros ... saya juga merindui Brunei ... terutama sahabat-sahabat di sana ... :)


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