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Source: Glaser, B. G. (2006) The roots of grounded theory. The Grounded Theory Review, 5(2/3), 1-10.

Monday, 21 July 2014

blue ... is less blue

... and red is the colour of tears ...


“There aren’t many crew like that in our skies these days, which is why I can honestly say those MH crew we have lost this year are missed dearly. Our blue skies grew a bit darker today.”

... flowers gentle touch ...

... words and rememberance ...

 ... prayers and tears ...


While the destination of the body train remains unclear, a Dutch diplomat has suggested the bodies could eventually be identified in the Netherlands.

destination ... Netherlands?


  1. Salam sis hjh,
    I read on the news, (just reading through it) it said that the forensic result showed the victims body didn't show any trauma..it could be all the passengers and crews already died before the crash happened..all i can think was Allah loves them..Allah has taken them so they won't experienced the horror..
    Moga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat

    1. Wa'alaikumussalam wbt dear Sue,

      thank you for sharing. ALLAH SWT is Most Knowing. neither pain nor stress for the souls that have no premonition of what was to come.

      and thank you for understanding. some things are beyond words. renderings are in the heart full of pain.

      BarakALLAHu fik.


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