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Thursday, 24 July 2014

just pick a name ...

Kerry, Peres meet family of slain American in Gaza fighting for Israel

United States Secretary of State John Kerry and outgoing Israeli President Shimon Peres on Wednesday met with the family of 23-year-old American national Max Steinberg, one of the 32 Israeli soldiers killed so far while fighting in Gaza.
Kerry met Steinberg's parents in Jerusalem, and offered them a gift.

"I am in awe of your son, truly. I served in the military and I have deep respect for anybody who wears the uniform, and especially puts himself willingly in harm's way, and as an American we're so proud, affectionately proud of this love they found in you know, his roots, it's a beautiful story. God bless," Kerry told the soldier's parents.  [Reuters]

Source: Al-Jazeera  (24.07.2014)


now let's visit Gaza ... yes ... 

just pick a name ...

or ... if we may suggest ...
here's a cut-out from the fast growing list ... of the same family and neighbourhood ...

504. Ibrahim Dieb Ahmed Alkilani 53, Burj Alsalam
505. Mahmoud Shaaban Mohammed Dirbas 37, Burj Alsalam
506. Yassir Ibrahim dieb Alkilani, 8, Burj Alsalam
507. Elias Ibrahim Dieb Alkilani, 4, Burj Alsalam
508. Tagreed Shaaban Mohammed Alkilani, 45, Burj Alsalam
509. Sawsan Ibrahim Dieb Alkilani, 11, Burj Alsalam
510. Reem Ibrahim Dieb Alkilani ,12, Burj Alsalam
511. Ayda Shabaan Mohammed Derbas,47, Burj Alsalam
512. Sura Shaaban Mohammed Dirbas, 41, Burj Alsalam
513. Yaseen Ibrahim Dieb Alkilani, 9, Burj Alsalam
514. Yenas Shaaban Mohammed Dirbas, 30, Burj Alsalam
Inna Lillahi wainna ilaihi raji'un.

 List Source: Al-Jazeera (24.07.2014)


sure ... it's safe ... there's nothing to fear ...

shall we bring some gifts ... and prepare the words of consolation for them ... too ...


Time to go home ...


Gaza is a revelation ...

Thais toiling for Israel food production ... near Gaza border ...

The Thai Foreign Ministry said its embassy in Tel Aviv had advised its citizens to stop working in the area near Gaza.
"The Thai Embassy has contacted the Israeli Foreign Ministry and employers to ask them to relocate 4,000 Thai workers in agriculture estates near the Gaza strip immediately and unconditionally to safe areas 10 to 20 kilometres (6-12 miles) away," ministry spokesman Sek Wannamethee told reporters in Bangkok. "But we will not evacuate our workers from Israel yet," he added.

Source: Here and GAZA Live (24.07.2014)

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