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Source: Glaser, B. G. (2006) The roots of grounded theory. The Grounded Theory Review, 5(2/3), 1-10.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Can't resist ...

this ...

Singapore Airlines is the most prepared. Its planes feature a "corpse cupboard," a compartment for storing a dead body if the situation arises.


bila check email ada ada  saja ...
more ...



suka yang no 9 ... boleh kabar kat AirAsia

lagi labuh lagi bagus ...

yang no 5  ... nak tanya orang atas awan tu ... betul ke :)




  1. Real:

    No 5 yep...mecik. Tapi MP selalu bagi satu can terus. Nahhh amek..tuang sendirik...hik hik hik.


  2. hehe ... MP i love you for keeping me company tonight ... :)

    Oghang Besar dighumah keKL menziarah tetamu kengkawannya dari luar negara ...

    xxx :)


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