On knowledge sharing and dissemination

... when circulating a working paper for comments, never put on "citations only permitted with the permission of author"

or "no parts of this paper can be used without permission of author". Rather, say "when using parts of this paper please give proper citation and help yourself". Be delighted if someone wants to quote you ... (p.7)

Source: Glaser, B. G. (2006) The roots of grounded theory. The Grounded Theory Review, 5(2/3), 1-10.

Friday, 8 March 2013

No Fear For Love ...

are you ever not scared ...



  1. u can reach me on Yahoo messenger. id: makpiah747

    i am alone too.

    1. MP you are real sweet ...

      Sorry i could not keep up ... dah lelap :)

      nanti ada rezeki kita jumpa ye online or on land insyaAllah ...

      xxx :)

  2. loves no boundaries...

    MP..i am alone too...sob! (kikiki boleh tak buat drama kat blog orang ni.sorry Real Life..:)

    1. hehe ... silakan silakan madam and welcome ... tirai sentiasa terbuka ...

      komedi je lah ye drama sedih biarlah, in real life dah banyak ... pelakun tambahan anytime ... hehehe



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